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What are Essential Oils?


Young Living Lavender Essential Oil


An EO is a concentrated plant extract that contains a unique composition of chemicals and retains the natural smell and flavor of its source. They are obtained through distillation processes and each oil has different effects on the body. Essential oils offer incredible support for our entire body system and are amazing natural alternatives and our first line of defence.


Why you should choose Young Living Essential Oils

They have a Seed to Seal Quality Commitment to their customers and there are 3 pillars to it:

🌿 Sourcing - the process of sourcing products from corporate owned farms, partner farms and Seed to Seal certified suppliers. Everything gets tested and if it doesn’t meet their standards then they won’t buy it or they reject the batch.

🌿 Science - quality starts at the farm and is proven in their labs. Scientific tests measure the exact components and properties of the essential oil. These tests are done numerous times throughout the quality process.

🌿 Standards- they source plants sustainably and they comply with environmental laws. They work with environmental experts to keep them advised on the protection of delicate landscapes and plants, including the reforestation of harvested trees.


This is important...

The essential oil industry is not regulated which means companies don’t need to gain FDA approval before they are brought to the market and sold to consumers.

🌿 Companies can label their product as 100% pure when it might only contain 5% oil from the plant and the rest are fillers.

🌿 It’s extremely important to do proper research before buying any store bought oils as we really don’t know what we are buying. Inexpensive or store bought oils are often synthetic, adulterated or unethically sourced.

🌿 Good oils aren’t cheap and cheap oils aren’t good. Quality matters, it makes a huge difference!

We can trust Young Living! We know what we are getting and we can feel good about using these oils because of their Seed to Seal Quality Commitment - it’s what makes them stand out from the rest in an authentic, real and safe way!!



How can I get Young Living Essential Oils? 

You can purchase your Premium Starter Bundle HERE

If you need some guidance you can follow along with this How to Sign Up PDF. This is such an amazing journey and I'm so excited for you to start ditching the toxins and switching to plant based goodness.

Young Living Premium Starter Bundle

Premium Starter Bundle


    What is Essential Rewards (ER)?

    Essential Rewards is a monthly rewards subscription program. It is your own customizable wellness box delivered to your front door every month. You are rewarded for using this incredible program to switch chemical and synthetic products in your home out for ones that are natural and safe.


    Perks of being on Essential Rewards:

    🍃 Points back - the longer you are on ER, the more you earn.

    • Month 1 to 3 -10% back
    • Month 4 to 24 - 20% back
    • Month 25 plus - 25% back

    🍃 Receive free gifts in months 3, 6, 9 and 12.

    🍃 Earn free items with monthly promotions.

    🍃 Reduced shipping costs.

    🍃 Customizable - you choose your products and the date you want it delivered each month.

    🍃 You can cancel at any time - you are not bound to it.


     Young Living Premium Starter Bundle



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