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I welcome any custom orders with open arms. No matter how big or small, ordinary or bizarre, pop me a message and we can chat about it. Anything is possible!

If you're looking for wedding decor, I've got you covered girl! Macrame backdrops, bouquet wraps and all the prettiness in between. 

If you're looking for some curtains, look no further. I can do any size and design you desire. 

Don't hesitate to pop me an email at if you have any questions. I'm always happy to help or give advice. 


Extra Large Macrame Wedding Backdrop


Handmade macrame curtains


Chunky Macrame Curtain


Custom Macrame Curtain


Blush Pink Tassel Chandelier


Blush Pink Tassel Chandelier


Custom macrame curtain


Macrame wedding backdrop


Macrame Curtain


Macrame Curtain


Macrame Plant Hangers


Handmade macrame wedding bouquet wrap



Once the quote has been approved, a 50% deposit is required to start the order. The remaining 50% payment is required before delivery. 

I hope to create something magical for you soon!