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Young Living Essential Oils and Why you Would Want to Join

Young Living Essential Oils and Why you Would Want to Join

I honestly knew nothing about essential oils other than my mom buying small bottles of liquid that smelled really nice, that she'd put in a burner and tada.. essential oils. More like NOPE! They probably weren't pure essential oils to start with and putting them in a burner is a definite no no! I only discovered true essential oils and how to use them about 4 months ago and they completely blow my mind! Now my mom enjoys real authentic oils alongside me and It's bliss!

What are Essential Oils? (EO)


Young Living Lavender Fields


An EO is a concentrated plant extract that contains a unique composition of chemicals and retains the natural smell and flavor of its source. They are obtained through distillation processes and each oil has different effects on the body. Take lemons for example. Did you know that it takes 75 lemons to make a 15ml bottle of Lemon EO? Crazy right? I thought so too. Lemon EO is great for supporting the immune and digestive system, has antioxidant properties and smells like the real deal.


How to use Essential Oils: 3 Ways

  • Topical application (directly on your skin) by using a roller bottle with a carrier oil, ie coconut oil, grapeseed oil etc.


Young Living Essential Oil Topical Application


  • Aromatically by diffusing the oils in a diffuser or direct inhaling by dropping some oil into the palm of your hands, rubbing them together and taking a few deep breathes.


Young Living Diffusers


  • Internally by putting a drop of Vitality EO in your water or in a veggie cap and swallowing with a sip of water or even in cooking and baking.


Young Living Essential Oil Internal Use



Who is Young Living? (YL)

The company was founded in 1993 by Donald Gary Young and has grown to become the world leader in EO. Their aim is to provide pure, authentic EO in every home. It is a great solution for improving the overall wellness for you and your family.

Young Living Essential Oils Logo

Why Young Living Essential Oils?

  • Their Seed to Seal commitment goes above and beyond what other brands have to offer, embracing rigorous quality control standards to help ensure products meet strict specifications. You never need to worry about where the oils come from because rest assured, it is of top notch quality and that is why you will want to stock up on your favorite oils time after time. They're the best!

 Young Living Seed to Seal


  • As a member of YL, you'll receive 24% discount on ALL orders! This is a super cool perk if you'd just like to use and enjoy the oils at a wholesale price. Who doesn't love that? There are no monthly costs or minimum requirements so you're able to enjoy your favorite oils in a very cost effective way. 89% of YL members join simply to enjoy the products. It is an investment in your health and wellness and will be love at first smell.


  • Essential Rewards Subscription Program. Should you choose to be a part of the Essential Rewards Program, you'll have some FANTASTIC deals coming your way! You can have the convenience of your favorite products delivered to you every month, ensuring you have what you need when you need it. You can earn points towards future purchases with each order and even FREE products when you make consecutive orders every month.


  • Finally, you could choose to become a YL Independent Distributor. This is total bang for your buck! It's a low startup cost with no inventory requirements needed and every kit that is purchased through you, will earn you R750 cash back from YL. I mean, what's not to love? Sell 3 kits and you make your money back. You also reap the benefits of 24% discount on every order and the Essential Rewards Program. You will become a part of an amazing team of boss babes to support you on your oily journey, as well as an abundance of resources to get you going with confidence. This is a great option if you're passionate about EO, looking to make a bit of extra money in your pocket and work towards having more freedom and time for your family. It's not a walk in the park and not something that will happen over night, but it is an opportunity to create a little YL business for yourself and sharing your love for EO with other potential EO lovers too.


Young Living South Africa

Young Living EO launched in South Africa on 14 November 2019, so it's a brand spanking new South African market. This also means that Young Living SA doesn't have ALL the products that the US Young Living market has BUT, they are slowly starting to bring more products over. Soon South Africa will have a pretty full catalogue of products for you to enjoy, it's just a matter of time and I'm so excited!


How do you Become a Member?

It's really simple... you purchase a Premium Starter Kit (PSK). That is all you need to become a member and start your oily journey, enjoying your favorite essential oils everyday. As I mentioned earlier, there are no monthly fees and no minimum requirements. Just your gorgeous PSK!

If you sign up to become a YL member through me, you'll have me as your mentor to help guide you through the sign up process (as it can be a bit confusing) and also help you grow your business, should you choose to become a Distributor. Young Living is NOT about selling products but purely about educating people about EO, and how to use them properly to aid, soothe and support people in their daily lives. It's about sharing the love and knowledge of EO with others because sharing is caring and I care A LOT!


How Much Does a Premium Starter Kit Cost and What Does it Include?

The Premium Starter Kit is R2268 plus R90 for courier delivery. That's R2358 in total! It sounds like a lot but it's really not for what you're getting. A Premium Starter Kit is valued at over R4000 and you save over R2000. It's such an amazing investment and so totally worth it!


Included in the kit is the following:

  • 10 Essential Oils which are:
  1. Thieves (Blend)
  2. Frankincense
  3. Orange
  4. Lemon
  5. Citronella
  6. Purification (Blend)
  7. Lavender
  8. Valor (Blend)
  9. Peppermint
  10. Eucalyptus Radiata
  • A stunning Dewdrop Diffuser

Young Living South Africa Premium Starter Kit

    Welcome Gift Package.

    Oh yeah, the good stuff. FREE GIFTS! If you become a member and sign up for your kit through me, I'll be throwing in some awesome goodies to get you excited about using your oils. This is what you can expect to receive in your gift package:

    • A beautiful Welcome Booklet PDF emailed to you after your purchase.
    • 3 x 10ml glass roller bottles with glass roller ball fitment to use your favorite oils Topically.
    • A 100ml pump top amber bottle filled with Grapeseed Oil (carrier oil) for your roller bottles.
    • A 500ml clear glass bottle with a trigger spray top
    • And a Some Wild Thing floral smudge stick to get the good vibes rolling.

    If you're wondering what all these things are, what they are for and how to use them, everything will be explained. There's no need to feel overwhelmed, just excited because It's FREE and AWESOME! My gift to you to say thank you for signing up through me. 

    What Happens Once I have my Kit?

    You just enjoy the oils! Whether you decide to take advantage of the awesome 24% discount and use the oils for you and your family or, become a Distributor, start a little business, make some extra moola and help others learn about these beautiful oils, either way you're just going to enjoy it.

    If you are interested in becoming a member and getting your hands on your very own Premium Starter Kit, or just have some questions you'd like answered then please get in touch with me. You can pop me an email at or DM me on Instagram @some_wild_thing and let's get chatting about this exciting venture. 

    If you feel confident enough to go ahead and sign up on your own, that's great!! Just enter my Member number (22298727) under My Sponsor ID and Enroller ID on the Young Living Essential Oils South Africa Website. 

    I'm just a click away if you need any assistance.

    Young Living Member Number

    Once you have purchased your Kit, I will get in contact with you to send you your gift package and resource links to help get you started with your oils. Until then, thank you for reading my blog and I hope to have you as a part of our oily team soon! 

    Much Love



    Young Living Essential Oils South Africa Premium Starter Kit

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